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Family Veteran Story

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Celebrating the Music of Veterans

 Veterans Interviews 

There are almost 19 million veterans in America today but with over 1,100 war Veterans dying each day, there is an urgent need to collect the personal accounts of their wartime experiences while they are still among us

It is the responsibility of every community to remember, honor and capture the stories of our  Veterans. With this project, communities can have a better sense of the Veterans among them…and even discover heroes that they never knew.  How many heroes are out there that we don’t know? These Veterans Living History interviews will help share those stories with the community and serve as a public service campaign to engage families, neighbors and students, and to encourage them to conduct interviews with Veterans in their own communities.

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   Celebrating the Music of U.S. Veterans, Capturing & Preserving the stories of 

  Veterans while Connecting  Communities and Generations with Family Veteran Story



“Peaceful Warriors are from all cultures and help bring communities together through music” ~ Allan Barnes, Co-Founder

The Allan C. Barnes Music Project & The Gary A. Ewell Interview Project

100 Year Old World War II Veterans tells about Christmas in 1945

Peaceful Warrior: Phillip Wise, USAF 1970-1978

Author "Fragile Delivery"


Bringing Home the Colors

The Peaceful Warriors Project features activities focused on culture for community change and/or the celebration of culture and heritage and in doing so creates public awareness for the plight of our Veterans. PWP makes use of cross-sector partnerships and collaborations that are authentic and mutually beneficial. We welcome the community to join us in this all  volunteer project.

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