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Bever-leigh Banfield Writer/Actress

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Candace Brown - Writer/Dirrctor

"This is a wonderful project you have here. I know soldiers that fought in World War II, and though they’re a generation or two ahead of me, I am aware that they hardly ever speak of their difficulties overseas. I do know a really romantic story that’s part of my family history. My uncle helped build the Burma Road. It was a horrific experience because he led convoys over its treacherous mountain paths. The road was so winding and rough in itself that the American Army had its hands full just to attempt to deliver supplies. As the enemy forces sought to prevent this, their fire upon my uncle and his men was sustained and relentless. He'd leave his point of departure with thirty trucks, then look back and there’d only be twenty, then fifteen, eight or six, then three. One young soldier arrived at their destination with a head of stark white hair. However, it wasn't a total loss. My uncle survived to serve in Burma, China and other Asian ports – and that’s where he met my aunt who was a Red Cross nurse. They fell in love and were married till death, in old age, did them part . . . and I'm not even sure they were parted then."
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                   My Grandfather in World War II

"My grandfather served in WWII. He was stationed in Iran. He didn’t like to talk about what happened over there but he did have some…interesting stories. Like how one Christmas Eve he told us he saw a bright light shoot across the sky and all the animals in the desert bowed to it. Spooky right? But, it was one of his stories and I always enjoyed hearing him tell us about his past. Even if sometimes they seemed a little too fantastical to be true but hey, I wasn’t there I don’t know. All I can do is believe in my grandfather."