Katarina Legg U.S. Army 1986-1989 "Veteran Family Life"  

Veterans Living History Interviews

Veteran Phillip R. Wise, Author "Fragile Delivery"


Brigadier General Michael Stone

The Family of Gary A. Ewell with Michael Reagan Fallen Heroes Project Portrait

David Fix US Navy Vietnam Veteran "USS Forrestal Disaster"

Bill Sadley  US Navy 1979-1983

Sunny Wilkinson

May 20th 2017  Veterans Appreciation Day at Flint Public Library

The Allan C. Barnes

There are almost 19 million veterans in America today but with over 1,100 war Veterans dying each day, there is an urgent need to collect the personal accounts of their wartime experiences while they are still among us.

It is the responsibility of every community to remember, honor and capture the stories of our Michigan Veterans. With this project, communities can have a better sense of the Veterans among them…and even discover heroes that they never knew.  How many heroes are out there that we don’t know? These Veterans Living History interviews will help share those stories with the community and serve as a public service campaign to engage families, neighbors and students, and to encourage them to conduct interviews with Veterans in their own communities.


“The arts are also a powerful, therapeutic tool in the healing process for many combat veterans reintegrating back into society and transitioning back into civilian life”.  

Glenn Ream USAF Vietnam Veteran "The Moving Wall"

Living History: Veterans Interviews Playlist

Chris Eilersen  USAF 1970-1974

Irene Hoskings US Army World War II Veteran  

Emma Bayer   Eric Long   Lisa Bayer